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  1. Good explanation, BRO. Thank you. But in such a lottery it's always good to have a better dump) Добавлено через 2 минуты 12 секунд Originally Posted by Brian Krebs The most common question customers are asking. Dump declined, couldn't even buy a soda, won't approve even for 0.75 cents, but checker is showing Approval 00. Old timers in carding community know the answer already, but let me explain once again for those who is new. Most people don't realize that any check (auth. request) is region specific because merchant accounts are registered in different states. Checkers are using hundreds of various merchant accounts that are registered in different locations, (i.e. different states, cities). Each time you press Check button - randomly picked merchant account is sending an authorization request to the bank and depending on the merchant location will respond with an Approval 00 or Decline 05 code. So even the same dump in the same checker may provide different results each time you check It based on merchant location. That's called Region Lock. Banks are now having their own map of fraudulent activity and will filter out transactions that are out of the original owner pattern usage. In other words, If the card owner is driving through same places, shopping at Shop Rite, buying gas at Exxon and going to the same Mall for clothing - that's a pattern of use that banks are closely monitoring. So when there's an activity that's out of this pattern the card may Decline 05. Same with time travel filters that detect and monitor physical card use. Say the owner has used the card in Shop Rite half an hour ago and you're buying iPad in different location - bank filters will detect time travel from point A to point B and Decline the transaction If It's impossible to travel that fast. Eventually It works in both directions. You may receive an Approval 00 on checker and Decline 05 upon use, but same may work in the other direction. You may receive Decline 05 on checker and Approval 00 upon use. Should I mention that checkers are operating and processing authorization requests in the same fashion no matter what shops you use. Some old school dogs of the game will still say "I know my bins, they are working, just sell me good dumps". But here again I will repeat that every dump has an owner behind It with different pattern of card use. As a result your bin that always works may decline just because this activity is out of original owner behavior. Hope that helps understand the truth behind response codes you get when using a card and checking It using merchant accounts (checkers). Have a nice day! Good explanation, BRO. Thank you. But in such a lottery it's always good to have a better dump)