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    5 декабря
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  1. did anyone tried this valid hacka ?? seems he is ripper , talked to him in icq he dont want to sell 1 , as his base are hittting !! so i demand , 30$ for a fullz that i pay , he says his base hitting , i send money for non hitting piece ?? then he says 5 pcs min , and cant even send 1 test neither sell 1 , so check his conversations christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:15): canada fullz validity rate ?? Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:15): Yes christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:15): only TD and RBC Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:15): what can of stuffs do you really want? Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:15): only fullz ? christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:16): i buy more pcs if price comes to a good level christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:16): as i use them daily , on weekend my supplier is never online Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:16): Ight cool Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:17): how many do you need for the first time transaction ? christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:17): i used dumps some months ago but now all are BS so came back in carding christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:18): validity is ?? and replace time christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:18): i use 10-15 daily sir Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:18): Yes as for replacement you ain't have nothing to worry about christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:19): 452088,451401,451409,452083, Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:19): it's depends on the time you wanna work them ? christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:20): i normally buy and use in 24 hrs , may be some same time and others by night or as i get time Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:21): Yes Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:21): the same time will be your replacement how many do you want from each per bin? christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:21): test christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:21): 1 only christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:22): after i see validity i move for 10-15 Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:23): can i know where you found me ? christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:23): u on crd ?? Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:24): Yes Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:24): but i dont sell one per card now a days Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:25): cause all my cards are hitting base christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:25): man , is ok ,, can you send me 1 test then ?? Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:25): if you real serious need to finger out this i will reduce the price for you to order first 5pcs Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:26): > christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:24): man , is ok ,, can you send me 1 test then ?? you can buy and test if you can't then christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:26): 1 test is 30$ that you cant send , and i am not stupid to send you 30x5 150$ , hahahah you are here to ripp ?? christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:27): ok accept escrow on crd i pay you 5 pcs Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:28): > christ daniels (04.03.2018 02:25): 1 test is 30$ that you cant send , and i am not stupid to send you 30x5 150$ , hahahah you are here to ripp ?? thn you are also here to rip cause you need me to send you work first Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:28): fucking ass dude Cc fullz Tax Refund (04.03.2018 02:29): hey i ain't forcing you if you are not willing to make business
  2. may i thank you in advance sir ? need it
  3. dear admin of unicc tymblep , i topup my account , acc have credit over 100$ , now when i am trying to enter , my user is not recognised by your system , what is this ?? why my user is not on your shop ?? i need to have my user acc and amount also , reazreazdog is user , check and let me know ,
  4. hello all , this is my first post and badly i heve to thank admin of this site for having banned thi sfinxs , as he is a serial ripper , i posted him on darknet , he ripped me 500 euro and some cc , dont deal with him .
  5. dear bank boss , you can be old here with lots of posts , but still a good for nothing , you sold me your bank logs which were years old ,, it were of 2014-2015 , and none of them usefull to me as were encrypted , you asked me for more money to decrypt it and remember were same bs old expired etc ,i am the guy from italy christ , and bought all your scraps in november 2017 , from when i claimed and told you about the issue , you ignored me totally , am not afraid to expose you here as am not the rippe and am in my right .
  6. does the sum , like the 200$ for entry goes to account to spend on buying ccs or is just an entry fee , ?? if anyone here for send me an invite in PM please ? as i need to buy cc from here , thans guys , or i can exchange with u mirashop invite , thanks more
  7. i try to see shop but cant , can admin help me plz ? admin of this shop naturalmente
  8. hello all users of this forum , this guy is a certified ripper , he asked me to provide him vouchers of , i bought 500$ voucher and gave him , after that he started that the voucher is not good , then he can sell it and pay me , after that he asking me more vouchers and dont talks about tha old payment , he asked me to provide him some cc , i sent him 3 pieces without any payment as he told he will pay , then the cc were not good after that asking me same bins , anyway ,nobody may deal with hinm as he is a great mother fucker .
  9. Originally Posted by pexotar i registered here to warn people about this scam website emv-sdk cc .com .su .ru .(any) this website selling fake software that's a software that even doesn't clone track2 on chip like other fake, but a vb6 programmed software for fun. YOU JUST freshman... we alreayd know that it doesnt work that way... but thanks
  10. can we use escrow here as you are new seller and to protect each other ==?? thanks
  11. dear shop admin , i topped up my acc on shop , but is long time now , entered 100 times and seen my bins , main prob is inever can buy any of them as no buying option available there , can you please send me a detail explanation about how can i buy from the shop ?? already have credit for around 10 cc on there , thanks , MY ACC is zaza and see when topped up , 70 $ put around 4 months ago , now would be 3 times more , but is still 68... , anyway , help with this issue, thanks
  12. i added you on icq sir , but total silence from your part and i think you are not interested to add more clients on your icq , anyway add if can