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    8 марта
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  1. Originally Posted by mpaul447 [+] Problem with deposit is fixed now. Welcome. how can I load ethereum?
  2. Originally Posted by SPR users. plz send invite to PM tushar613 UPDATE 50.000 CVV Hello, please can you check support ticket? My username is: andrewoff I bought this cc 54000456789543456778 and number is too long.. Solve me asap thanks cc number is invalid
  3. Originally Posted by Trever Thanks for your feedback. We try very hard. Enjoy high quality hello Trever, can you check my support ticket please? username: reznik
  4. Originally Posted by deputat Show proof of your words, post your username here i will check my username: reznik
  5. scammer shop... Registered loaded $10 bought invalid cc from norefund base... Since it was my first time there, he can't even refund it... Crap shop don't buy from there. Also a lot of cc's mismatch informations, BINs aren't at right country category.
  6. Don't buy from this shop, it's scamming shop selling dead cards, or checker kills them immediately. BE CAREFUL!