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    28 февраля
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  1. I cant vouch cos i don't know MARIO work this days cos he blocked me on ICQ..THANKS
  2. Don't ever fuck with this bitch all he get is bad stuffs take care brothers

    Whoever need DP should Pm for cashout long term business..THANKS
  4. Bro u cant even refund money in shop how can i keep working in your shop i will rather stay away from it cos its bad stuffs in the shop....Be careful you guys..THANKS
  5. I dont think this shop get fire base i tried some bins all bad
  6. Chine bin and Usa pins available now PM for serious business no games...THANKS
  7. Still need good honest person to share my pins with Pm for serious deals....THANKS
  8. Pm for serious deal..over 10k dumps with pins inbox for long term deals..THANKS

    Pm for good cashout 50/50 over 10k dumps with pins and regular....THANKS Добавлено через 56 минут 37 секунд You can pm for serious cashout...dumps with pins and regular..THANSK
  10. Over 10k dumps with pins available Pm for serious business no games..THANKS

    Check PM in jabber i added u right now..THANKS