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    17 февраля
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  1. Принял asus, новый и упакован лучше чем в магазе, коробка с паралоном поверх заводской, все супер!
  2. Originally Posted by dendi awesome vendor A+++++++++ bought 5 cards all hit for 500$ up+ recommend this guy for everyone wow thats whats up

    Originally Posted by Litecee New to site and looking for good visa bin Did you have good luck with the shop
  4. Originally Posted by misschopps i will check it out! but i am pretty happy w briansclub for my dumps So, did you have luck with the shop? Добавлено через 5 минут 30 секунд Where is all the feedback from everyoone? Is this a lucky shop?
  5. Originally Posted by Kevns He took my money and never delivered. Wouldn't advise anyone to deal with him Добавлено через 3 минуты 0 секунд wouldn't advise anybody to do any business with him he takes people money and says he never got it Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking about trying him but not now.
  6. Originally Posted by dealerdealer trashhhh What problems did you have?
  7. Is this a good shop? who has luck with this shop please comment
  8. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    Originally Posted by Cryptostacker San Antonio got me lit Cool, that's what's up
  9. I'm a new client to Brian's shop and have bought 9 dumps only 3 was dead. Great shop