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    20 февраля
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    Prevetick menya nujen Tolko validcc ckolko xo4ew za nevo pishi menya v jabby cnc
  2. who hacked they are a pro , they made now over 25k over night Добавлено через 13 минут 6 секунд I have checked the DNS on whose domain for ,and locks like they change it to some where professional and non reversible I would suggest them just to create a new domain and announce that in all websites and forums that's the only solution for unicc now to take to prevent people to enter and have to do this fast as possible or move to these domains .bazar they are more secure because they are using other service DNS and hard to be hacked at the current time Unicc are the leader of CC so please do it now fast as possible !!! Добавлено через 1 минуту 38 секунд Originally Posted by jamesbondd Went up to $25k now. Check the wallet address. Crazy. this only in BTC ,,,
  3. my user too USER NOT FOUND this is the domain: so please help me @!!! Thanks