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    10 февраля
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  1. Originally Posted by manticore Mak, yes please! Do any action, ban this scamming nigerian hero. Or it will take just a few other days to get new ripoff report. Im ready to provide you with raw psi history about this scum. are you blind or what ? cant you read what admin wrote he said make photo and show where i sent you my jabber on this forum... what is so hard in that and i dont know why this taking so long to fix..
  2. Can admin please do something about my status, this dude is just framing up things here and its killing my reputation with my partners on this forum
  3. Originally Posted by manticore Before big forum crash he have topic, where he offer US drops. I post reply and he's back to me. Now, after this crash this topic wasn't saved. There was no ability to make wrong decision about somebody, who may impersonate him. Lol, am sure you are totally out of your mind, 1. for a quick reminder when the big forum crashed everybody lost their users and private messages we were all forced to create another user 2. and its been since june/july when the forum crashed so there is no way you can tell us you lost messages or where i pm 3. the date i can see on your cooked up conversation shows "2016-12-06" this is december please tell us when the forum crashed on December 4. for the past 3 days you didnt reply it was after when admin "bumped" this thread and i responded is when you had to come online on this user and reply shows you have many users on this forum smh Admin kindly ban this guy for bullshitting and having another user, i am sure he as many users on this forum and kindly restore my reputation with the negative rep i got from unknown person thanks
  4. Its Obvious He Picked On A Wrong Person, Can you please fix my status and get my reputation fixed please... i dont know who gave me -1 for nothing..
  5. are you fucking kidding me here ? 1. where in private message i sent you my jabber ? show prove with screen shot please 2. someone added you and could not verify the person, are you serious ? 3. anybody can add you up on jabbers and claim any user as a sensible person you are suppose to verify via pm 4. i dont use jabbim.cz 5. i dont even know you at all