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    25 января
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  1. Originally Posted by iseeyou Not working dumps? None at all
  2. Originally Posted by Jamiel You selling trash dude always Invalid. Trust me bro I stopped using these guys for a while dunno what happened
  3. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    my nigga nothing is working in your shop I'm just back to back to back refunding dumps from your shop not cause I'm tryna take advantage but because absolutely nothing is working just maybe that is the reason whomever is letting you hack their bases .....
  4. Bro stop this update shit I bought from all of your last updates not a single dump works fucking horrible shop right now and Magic not is Guzman clone and will be banned soon his feedback doesn’t mean shit here
  5. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    Rescator what happened to quality
  6. lie about what???? if it doesn't work I refund it if it's valid still I don't complain if I don't get a refund for it what the fuck are you talking about I buy from your shop when I see my bins they work sometimes but most time in your shop things are shit especially when you make an update bro just because I don't have positive things to say about your shop that doesn't make me a liar hence the fact I've never been banned in this forum because I leave genuine feedback about my experience stop fucking worrying about what I say and get better dumps you jackass that should be your only focus not me
  7. Stfu so I buy to try and it doesn’t work I refund so much shit in your shop this is real feedback from someone who buys a lot in your shop so shut the fuck up man I’m not talking bullshit
  8. lol yo nothing at all works here anymore it's pure garbage now all!!!
  9. Magicbot u are Guzman clone and was banned recently this ship is really shit as of lately absolutely nothing in the updates work I only buy from older bases and it's this shop because I seem to be just losing my money buying from his updates .... need better stuff
  10. How is this guy not banned?! Has my balance in his shop over 3 months keeps saying shop will open up but does nothing
  11. Shop keeps giving me an error code when I try to buy or send a ticket
  12. Originally Posted by 55555 I used older updates found hitting asia there bro, new are pure trash. Which base
  13. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    Sent btc 3 hours ago still haven't received anything wtf