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    10 октября
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  1. looking for profiles with dl and ssn to buy us only
  2. You can't hate on brian site he doing way better then the rest of the fuck boys out here completely ripping and shrugging it off like it's cool while thousands waste brian going to give you the best chance he can and your gunna win if you put in work
  3. Hey what's going on Brian site is working properly?
  4. When it comes down to BD HES DOING BETTER THEN A LOT OF SELLERS AND HES ACTUALLY THE most straight forward with his unlike a whole lot of other vendors and he's lookin out if u loyal
  5. Great site isn't the word almost next to perfect espically the way he conducts bussiness. If you know what your doing brian is def where you needdnto be
  6. Whays going on is site all da way down
  7. I buy dumps from this website all the time some times these dumps do come back valid and do like how fast they respond for a ticket. I do need some bins that could work in places like apple and BestBuy . but if anybody know any hmu. I would recommend briansclub overall a good shop.
  8. Had anybody triwd anything ia it valid too load site is weird on phone addinvg in cart ia even hard