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    11 февраля
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  1. Ok , plz Force try reply on jabber 2 days i waiting you
  2. Originally Posted by mak Kala$h, can you give him another RDP server? Yes np how we process ? i will send too you or directly too Force?
  3. Originally Posted by mak Kala$h, did you change password? If yes then make him refund. NO password of first RDP not good , so i changed it . then he ask another product ( pass list) and he received it . Добавлено через 1 час 32 минуты 26 секунд @Force: I can give you another Charge RDP server and we close this @Mak : I can give him another RDP , but refund is not possible bécon he got Passlist .
  4. Force asked for RDP POS , password not anymore good , so i Changed it . He wasn't happy due too POS software on it , so i SAY wait 30min i will give you another good One XFORCE refused and ask me PASS LIST for pos , i offering him many list at different price BUT he haven't enough funds too buy any of them SO I DECIDED give him Only Level1 PASS list After XFORCE receveid PASSLIST he started claim pass are old / outdated etc... I CAN and MUST be correct with my buyer but in this case i decided too ignore his word on jabber after this . NOW i come on forum and see he post BLACKLIST against me , Pathetic business way , maybe His DUMPS business DOWN or NEVER UP so he need kill other ppl business)