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    7 марта
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  1. Tax Refund

    TAX RETURNS 2018 Hi Mate, 2018 is knocking! I need real dudes in Tax Returns. Are you good at fillings? You got drops? Ready to work? I supply all materials needed. E-services PTIN (Summary Page), W2, 1040, etc Add me, I need serious partner.
  2. Tax Refund

    hello i sell w2/1040 2015 with agi 100pcs - 1k usd
  3. Tax Refund

    Hey mate, I need someone ready to use escrow for the following things: 1. E-services PTIN (Summary Page) 2. W2 - 2016 3. 1040 - 2015. PM me if you have any available for sale and we would further discuss price. REMEMBER be ready to use escrow and no scam will be allowed. Thank you.