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    7 марта
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  1. получил посылку от роллса, заказывал айфон хр голубой для жены, доставил за 7 дней, обещал за 5, некруто вышло что подарок пришел с опозданием, но цена все компенсировала и тс обещал скидку на следующий заказ
  2. VCC for verify PayPal

    just bought 1 vcc from this seller, my paypal gone verified after 2 days. Vouch for you ++
  3. https://darknet.so/member.php?u=8365 This is ripper. beware!!! This guy ripped me 90$ for flight ticket. He told me book flight for him he pay after confirmed, after I done booking he alway delay pay me, when his customer flew 20 sept already he also not pay me, he always ask me do more ticket for him. Till now he never pay me that 90$. Everyone don't work with this guy. This is india savage. Will keep your money to ask you work more for hime. This guy also in ******* under same name Flyking1011 this is my chat history: (12:30:30 AM) Air Ticket: U wil get it whtever your ok bro (12:30:44 AM) Air Ticket: I need only mine (12:31:00 AM) Air Ticket: I don't want anything yours (12:31:36 AM) Air Ticket: If you do this ticket and then u get more btc together that is my aim that's it (9:29:40 PM) 654372xxx: hey (9:29:46 PM) 654372xxx: want to scam? (9:32:18 PM) Air Ticket: Hi dude (9:32:21 PM) Air Ticket: Howdy ! (9:32:39 PM) 654372xxx: plz send me 90$ btc (9:32:44 PM) 654372xxx: i need them now (9:32:44 PM) Air Ticket: I Was busy dude (9:32:50 PM) Air Ticket: Was went to my Farm (9:33:07 PM) Air Ticket: Agriculture *YAHOO* (9:33:25 PM) Air Ticket: Have one small order can do that ! (9:33:35 PM) 654372xxx: no bro (9:33:36 PM) Air Ticket: DEL-RUH 2nd Oct . (9:33:46 PM) 654372xxx: i working in other ticket (9:33:49 PM) Air Ticket: After this we can get you $$$ (9:34:07 PM) Air Ticket: If you do this my order then u wil get it $$$ (9:34:11 PM) 654372xxx: send me money now (9:34:22 PM) 654372xxx: it was done (9:34:26 PM) 654372xxx: you have to pay me (9:34:33 PM) Air Ticket: Once i get tickets confirmations instantly u wil get it all $$$ (9:34:39 PM) 654372xxx: no (9:34:47 PM) Air Ticket: (ok) (9:34:48 PM) 654372xxx: i dont do flight any more (9:34:55 PM) Air Ticket:
  4. Paypal Instant Cashout and Gift cards.

    Originally Posted by cast0 Cashing out paypal transfer instantly . USA. Canada, Australia. % can be discuss . Gifts Cards. Itunes Sears starbuck Walmart bestbuy ebay communication in jabber cast0@xmpp.jp This dog is real scammer, he told cash gc instant, i sent gc to him then he said his customer accepted my gc, but he not pay me and till now took over a week already. He still online and ask me send him more gc then he pay me. BEWERE EVERYONE THIS IS REAL SCAMMER. He take stuff from you and never pay you any, then back a talk your stuff is bad, and request you give him more for payment. FUCK YOU, POOR SCAMMER
  5. Paypal Instant Cashout and Gift cards.

    Originally Posted by cast0 Need team on the paypal. cashing out your direct deposit and transfer paypal. Cast0 come online to answer me now
  6. This guy scammed me 264$ btc. He act as a serious man, This dog use jabber: dandurand123@xmpp.jp and ICQ: 377983 Now ICQ acct offline with me, jabber still online but not reply any word. Here is chat log: (3:06:43 AM) Attempting to start a private conversation with 377983... (3:06:45 AM) 676270596: hi (3:06:51 AM) Solomon1: Hi (3:06:59 AM) 676270596: ok (3:07:02 AM) 676270596: here now (3:07:05 AM) Attempting to start a private conversation with 377983... (3:07:08 AM) Solomon1: Yes ok (3:07:52 AM) 676270596: so you have 3x9 now (3:07:59 AM) Solomon1: Yes (3:08:43 AM) 676270596: i will send for 9 then you give me 9 and next (3:08:44 AM) 676270596: ok? (3:08:51 AM) Solomon1: Ok no problem (3:09:11 AM) Solomon1: Wait I send you btc adress (3:09:35 AM) Solomon1: 18J5YyCvsMYdiZDY7tTSrgZsVfYAhq5nNg (3:09:48 AM) Solomon1: For all you send in this btc adress (3:10:04 AM) 676270596: ok (3:10:08 AM) Solomon1: Give me your email (3:10:21 AM) Solomon1: Is this (3:10:27 AM) 676270596: ok (3:10:35 AM) Solomon1: Hitsman111985@hotmail.com (3:10:36 AM) 676270596: sure your pdf have qr code? (3:10:37 AM) Solomon1: ? (3:10:43 AM) 676270596: no (3:10:56 AM) Solomon1: Yes bro they have the scan qr code (3:10:59 AM) Solomon1: Bro dont worry (3:11:12 AM) 676270596: xxxxxxxxxta@gmail.com (3:11:31 AM) Solomon1: Ok (3:12:03 AM) Solomon1: When you send the btc I send instantly dont worry 10 seconds you got them in email (3:12:58 AM) 676270596: yea (3:13:00 AM) 676270596: bro (3:13:06 AM) 676270596: exact you nicknam (3:13:19 AM) Solomon1: What? (3:13:30 AM) Solomon1: Which nickname (3:13:37 AM) 676270596: in forum (3:13:41 AM) Solomon1: The btc adress I already send it bro what you want else (3:13:51 AM) Solomon1: Salomon1 is my username (3:14:05 AM) Solomon1: Bro you just here to waste my time ? (3:14:55 AM) 676270596: money sent (3:15:15 AM) Solomon1: Bro you serious (3:15:17 AM) 676270596: waiting for ticket (3:15:21 AM) Solomon1: You sent 144 usd for 27 ticket (3:15:23 AM) Solomon1: Please (3:15:27 AM) Solomon1: Give me your btc adress (3:15:30 AM) 676270596: no (3:15:32 AM) Solomon1: I will show you how serious ism (3:15:34 AM) 676270596: 144 for 9 (3:15:35 AM) Solomon1: I refund you now (3:15:38 AM) Solomon1: All your money (3:15:43 AM) Solomon1: Give me your btc adress (3:15:46 AM) Solomon1: I'm tired (3:15:51 AM) 676270596: for what? (3:15:59 AM) Solomon1: I send back your money now (3:16:02 AM) 676270596: why? (3:16:03 AM) Solomon1: Right now I send back ur moneu (3:16:08 AM) Solomon1: And please never msg me again (3:16:15 AM) Solomon1: I'm not ripper I refund your money (3:16:20 AM) Solomon1: But never never msg me again (3:16:26 AM) 676270596: why bro? (3:16:49 AM) Solomon1: See what I say u here (3:16:58 AM) Solomon1: https://files.icq.net/get/0bCkEecfhI...59M58b28ef91bg (3:17:00 AM) 676270596: i send for 9 first then u send me 9 (3:17:03 AM) 676270596: and next (3:17:04 AM) Solomon1: I said you send all (3:17:08 AM) Solomon1: Or we don't have a deal (3:17:10 AM) Solomon1: See (3:17:14 AM) Solomon1: https://files.icq.net/get/0bCkEu6sgb...1qb58b28f0a1bg (3:17:22 AM) Solomon1: See u think I joke for 144us? (3:17:33 AM) Solomon1: Bro please give me your adress I send back ur moneu (3:17:36 AM) Solomon1: Money (3:17:46 AM) Solomon1: U sent 144 usd I will send you 150usd just leave me alone (3:17:53 AM) Solomon1: Give adress now pls I'm tired (3:17:55 AM) 676270596: relax bro (3:18:13 AM) 676270596: you said have 3x9 (3:18:27 AM) Solomon1: Yes but you never trust (3:18:34 AM) Solomon1: Now I have ur money do u trust me ? (3:18:34 AM) 676270596: i said will deal each 9 (3:18:38 AM) Solomon1: I send it to u back now (3:18:44 AM) Solomon1: Rippers will send u money back? (3:18:47 AM) Solomon1: Never ! (3:18:49 AM) 676270596: yes (3:19:05 AM) 676270596: i just got scammer yesterday (3:19:06 AM) Solomon1: Ok bro u know what (3:19:17 AM) Solomon1: Add me 120 usd I give u all 27 (3:19:21 AM) Solomon1: But next time (3:19:24 AM) Solomon1: Minimum order 40 (3:19:33 AM) 676270596: yes (3:19:36 AM) Solomon1: Send money to same adress (3:19:38 AM) Solomon1: To clear (3:19:41 AM) Solomon1: The payment (3:20:24 AM) 676270596: sent (3:20:26 AM) 676270596: (3:21:12 AM) 676270596: hello (3:21:57 AM) 676270596: here? (3:22:05 AM) 676270596: you scamed me? (3:23:06 AM) Solomon1: No (3:23:09 AM) Solomon1: Not at all (3:23:13 AM) Solomon1: Just wait few minute (3:23:24 AM) 676270596: omg (3:23:32 AM) Solomon1: Scammer will never send u bank logins with 5k in it (3:23:41 AM) 676270596: heartache (3:23:57 AM) Solomon1: What heartache (3:24:02 AM) 676270596: i just got scam 1200$ starbuck yesterday (3:24:15 AM) 676270596: though got again (3:24:21 AM) 676270596: bro plz send me ticket (3:24:23 AM) Solomon1: You sell them or you bought starbuck ? (3:24:45 AM) 676270596: bro (3:24:51 AM) 676270596: plz send ticket (3:24:54 AM) 676270596: then we talk (3:24:59 AM) 676270596: customer waiting (3:27:23 AM) 676270596: hello (3:29:11 AM) Solomon1: Bro in 3minute you receive ticket I promise I'm setting up the email right now (3:29:28 AM) 676270596: oh (3:31:44 AM) Solomon1: What's the email again bro (3:31:56 AM) Solomon1: The mail contains too big (3:31:58 AM) Solomon1: I send 10 (3:32:00 AM) Solomon1: And then 10 (3:32:05 AM) Solomon1: And then the rest (3:32:08 AM) 676270596: xxxxxxxxhta@gmail.com (3:32:11 AM) Solomon1: So you will find 3 different email (3:32:12 AM) Solomon1: Ok? (3:32:16 AM) 676270596: yes (3:32:32 AM) Solomon1: Ok the first mail coming now one minute (3:36:31 AM) 676270596: you sent? (3:38:35 AM) 676270596: ? (3:38:38 AM) Solomon1: Now (3:38:44 AM) Solomon1: Wow bro lol your not patient (3:38:54 AM) 676270596: just ask (3:39:09 AM) Solomon1: Stop thinking that I'm gonna ripp u (3:39:11 AM) 676270596: you only forward email from disney to me (3:39:12 AM) Solomon1: I will never do that (3:39:18 AM) Solomon1: I have what you need (3:39:30 AM) Solomon1: Yes I know but I dont have confirmation on btc (3:39:34 AM) Solomon1: See zero confirm (3:39:36 AM) 676270596: forward email to me bro (3:39:42 AM) 676270596: i sent already (3:39:55 AM) 676270596: will take screenshot if u need (3:40:12 AM) Solomon1: No its ok (3:40:19 AM) Solomon1: I send the ticket in 1minute ok bro (3:40:27 AM) Solomon1: I promise (3:40:43 AM) 676270596: plz forward email too bro (3:40:51 AM) 676270596: dont send only pdf (3:40:57 AM) 676270596: i need them (3:45:04 AM) 676270596: only forward email why take long time bro? (3:47:48 AM) 676270596: lol (3:48:28 AM) 676270596: what you doing now bro? (3:48:59 AM) 676270596: dont edit that pdf file (3:50:57 AM) 676270596: ? (3:52:15 AM) Solomon1: Chck (3:53:22 AM) 676270596: not come (3:54:23 AM) 676270596: Myc0mput3r (3:57:11 AM) 676270596: right you had them from official site? (3:59:00 AM) 676270596: bro (4:01:25 AM) 676270596: what problem with you? (4:02:31 AM) 676270596: too tired already bro (4:04:17 AM) 676270596: 1MP1kzLgX2qD8BcHa7CQgdJZBNekSzanfgh (4:04:59 AM) 676270596: ticket not ready but you push me send money (4:05:04 AM) 676270596: fast fast (4:05:20 AM) 676270596: im too tired now (4:05:39 AM) 676270596: if you serious plz send back money to me (4:05:40 AM) 676270596: thanks (4:25:46 AM) 676270596: bro (4:26:23 AM) 676270596: u there? (4:31:54 AM) 676270596: plz reply me bro (4:40:10 AM) 676270596: why you not reply me? (4:40:35 AM) 676270596: if you dont have ticket plz refund money to me (4:40:53 AM) 676270596: when you have ticket i buy (4:41:05 AM) 676270596: plz dont kill me (4:41:18 AM) 676270596: just got scamed yesterday already ...... (7:32:54 AM) 676270596: you scam me (7:33:07 AM) 676270596: i will write report
  7. Paypal Instant Cashout and Gift cards.

    This dog is scamer. Scamed me for 15k starbucks egift then run away
  8. ESET Internet Security 18/2019

    Originally Posted by Nirexes Кому над ESET Internet Security Product:ESET Internet Security License Key:xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Username:EAV-xxxxx Password: xxxxxxx Quantity:5 Expiration:02/18/2019 Берите по 1 кому надо. https://privnote.com/OrUYqzyS#lP5CVHjKr https://privnote.com/5WZGMcSX#tcGgPBFjw https://privnote.com/mr44MijF#QW3851sva https://privnote.com/c1Bd3N1a#asPdCqzkU https://privnote.com/oFjfy3kN#OKDfmfHPE I really need eset but too slow. Plz share me some in private msg bro. Thanks many