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  1. This guy was a good supplier at first but I guess he was running low on money.....he hit me up offereing dump+pin I paid him then never sent me anything.....also I send him more money for blanks and he make fake tracking but never send anything.....BE CAREFUL WITH THIS GUY PEOPLE DONT GET TOO COMFORTABLE WITH HIM HE WILL RIP YOU IF YOU LET HIM....ALSO HE IS VERY ANNOYING AND WILL KEEP HITTING YOU UP ON ICQ TO BUY BLANKS Добавлено через 5 минут 1 секунду SHOP WITH GOLDEN MARKET GUYS!! HE HAS CHEAPER PRICESES AND WAYYY BETTER WORK....ALSO GOLDEN MARKET BLANKS PAST UV LIGHT TEST MAKES FOR BETTER CARDING TRUST ME GIVE HIM A SHOT