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    8 марта
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  1. With this you can intercept only the first command send by the NFC chip of the card. the so called ATR. But after that you need to continue the "communication" with the chip. This is not like magnetic STRIPE, where you get all the information at once. There is a very strict standart (ISO) for communication between terminal(NFC COPIER) and CHIP (NFC Card). With this device you will get only the ATR of the card, which is totally useless. As i have said in the fist post, it is for people who know what they do
  2. You can easily check technical data. This is not Magical Machine. Practically it is just a NFC data copier. Hardware you can create even with ARDUINO . The "magic" is the chip communication, which could be also found in the internet, but believe me, it takes a lot of time and research for end-to-end product like ours
  3. for 1 pcs 850$, including shipping, tracking number, different shipping providers according to person wish for more we can discuss lower prices. Also amplifing antenna custom made to increase range.
  4. New Batch produced. Memory is now for >3000pcs !!!