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  1. Originally Posted by banditb pass ? AntiNub Work it out. base64 / 2 (rc4 ( "muamr", "E664LLJUFHQRWFTVYWZKVTYB"))
  2. RouterScan v2.53

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  3. RouterScan v2.53

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  4. RouterScan v2.53

    RouterScan V2.53 ======RU======== Router Scan умеет находить и определять различные устройства из большого числа известных роутеров/маршрутизаторов и, что самое главное, - вытаскивать из них полезную информацию, в частности характеристики беспроводной сети: способ защиты точки доступа (шифрование), имя точки доступа (SSID) и ключ точки доступа (парольная фраза). Также получает информацию о WAN соединении (удобно при сканировании локальной сети) и выводит марку и модель роутера. Получение информации происходит по двум возможным путям: программа попытается подобрать пару логин/пароль к маршрутизатору из списка стандартных паролей, в результате чего получит доступ. Либо будут использованы неразрушающие уязвимости (или баги) для конкретной модели маршрутизатора, позволяющие получить необходимую информацию и/или обойти процесс авторизации. =======EN======= Router Scan is able to find and identify a variety of devices from a large number of known routers / routers, and most importantly - pull out from them useful information, in particular the characteristics of the wireless network: a way to protect access points (encryption), access point name (SSID) and key AP (passphrase). Also receives information about the WAN connection (useful when scanning a local network) and outputs the make and model of router. Getting information occurs in two possible ways: the program will attempt to pick up a couple of login / password to the router from the list of standard passwords, resulting gain access. Either will be used non-invasive vulnerability (or bugs) for a specific router models to obtain the necessary information and / or to bypass the authorization process. Code: what's New: Version 2.53 1. Added model routers: (full list, see the documentation) 2. Updated parsers: (full list, see the documentation) 3. Added the ability to customize the table a successful outcome (selection on successful authentication, wireless or wired devices, and as additional information) 4. Added a generation modes: off, automatic or always enabled (automatic checks and delays can disable the generation of intensive use of resources) 5. Fixed line break bug when copying information about the device 6. ranges Editor is now able to pull the IP-address of the URL 7. improved loading of settings - in the absence of configuration files, they will be created with default settings 8. Slightly improved recycling streams at timeout or a forced stop 9. Added the ability to exclude certain IP addresses to scan ports of 10. Now you can select all at once in the selected table records by pressing A + the Ctrl 11. Added support for loading access points found in the database 3WiFi 12. Fixed UTF-8 encoding when exporting reports 13. HNAP module will now pass inspection, if before the main module successfully obtained all the information (for the forced checking vulnerability HNAP - turn off the main unit) 14. Fixed hang with frequent pressing the pause scanning 15. Number of active threads in the status bar is now displayed in two numbers - the active ports and the scanner streams processor 16. HTTP headers Referer type are now sent automatically 17. Fixed bug import the last column of the CSV 18. Added function to debug the recording TCP packets 19. exploit added D-Link DAP-1360 to bypass authentication and obtain the administrator password 20. Updated authorization dictionaries 21. Reports in TXT and CSV now support only UTF-8 encoding (export / import) 22. The position and size of the window is now saved in the settings 23. Fixed auto-save interval change results in adjustments 24. Added exploit Micro DSL (Sagemcom) to retrieve the administrator password ( the https: // ) 25. Fixed a bug with the CSV import double quotes at the end of the field 26. Added to exploit ASUS Boa ADSL (utility account) 27. tabs now filtered as you type bands 28 . WPS PIN Companion is now able to import the BSSID list of JumpStart Wireless program (also known as the LINK-the QSS the TP) 29. Fixed bug in check IP scan exclusion 30. Improved use and recycle streams scanning, the program now uses less system resources 31. changed set provided API LibRouter, using the library in your applications, read the update in the manual 32. Port 4343 is added in the HTTPS ports list 33. added exploit for administrator name and password on the eCos Webs devices the Realtek 34. added an exploit to get the name and password administrator firmware on the Link-COMM The the D 35. Fixed automated installation page definition in the primary forwarding 36. Added the ability to import reports by adding them to the existing data in table 37. Added the ability to set a comment for several lines at once 38. Added ability to delete rows in the main table and results of research 39. When you stop the flow of all open their connection is automatically terminated 40. When the Watchdog will benefit from logging the IP address during a scan which were found to have problems with the compound 41. Now, in the editor ranges can double click on the error highlight the problematic line 42. Added exploit to obtain some data NETGEAR access points without authorization 43. exploit added to get the name and password of some access points D-Link without authorization 44. Fixed a bug in the HTTP client when processing redirected to HTTPS Password Removed. Enjoy!
  5. Is armitage in new suit of armor. Good features for attacks and piviot inside network.
  6. MS Word Exploit

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  7. Всегда ли помощь для других не могут последовать кобальт
  8. Поддержка 5 видов капч, самые основные, в этой версии нет поддержки только reCaptcha!rw9TTYqS!EdjYSa2w5...Rtl_WtpAeDxrWs все работает, но не забываем что в папке с софтом должны лежать библиотеки OpenSSL (libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll)
  9. Выкладываю версию 3.5.1 в ней исправлена уязвимость RCE. Убран триал, подчищено EICAR сигнатуры, не с чем не склеено. В общем все как обычно, крякнутый кобальт, версии по мере обновления буду чистить и выкладывать. Code:!ABNERYgJ!W1cf-qleE56fUri5MEm7yX1gR2fvt1G1MQ3uUoT-3Io антитуп Code: base64/2(rc4("muamr","E664LLJUFHQRWFTVYWZKVTYB"))