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    26 ноября
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  1. Please repair the website as soon as possible 403 Forbidden
  2. You this hybrid shop, liar shop, I bought 38 dumps are invalid, one is not refunded Why the admin doesn't forbid his thread, liar!!
  3. All the goods in the store can't see the expiration date? How to tell the validity of the card
  4. Cvvunion.ws Address: Often open what reason?
  5. Please leave your positive feedback to your friends. Don't comment. His store's merchandise is invalid card, say what refund: I bought 8 cards are 62,43,57 etc, can not be refunded! Rubbish in the garbage!!!!!
  6. You did not receive the goods in the end, please honest feedback, because I was trying to try his product
  7. Garbage in the garbage, bought 13 items, are 14,43,62 of the code, and does not allow refund, liar
  8. I added the money in your store, has been 5 hours ago, how not yet added to my account, usually add money quickly, please check me in the ticketing window and you write that you have not responded
  9. 7.1. We replace: DECLINE (05), HOLD-CALL (04, 07, 41, 43), EXPIRED CARD (54), OTHER: 01, 14, 15, 51, 62, 78 CODE. 05 code is not returned?
  10. I talk to you in the window why not reply, your store 05 code is not can not be returned?