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    8 марта
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  1. Buying Iphone 7, Macbooks for longterm deal.

    @Clutch5 Yes your right. I'm working on it will keep you posted.
  2. Buying Iphone 7, Macbooks for longterm deal.

    Already have 2 people that are quite interested and willing to do escrow. But Yes. I think you guys are right my rate might be a bit high which is might change in the near future. Thanks for the replies tho. I'm not willing to do any business for starters if the person is not willing to do escrow.
  3. Buying Iphone 7, Macbooks for longterm deal.

    @Privatno As I said depending on how things are going to be sold from my side the rate will be better. I think it's a good deal if you can get your hands on those items.
  4. Hello, I'm looking someone who can provide iPhone 7 and 7+, Iphone6s, Macbooks in longterm deal. I'm willing to pay up to 35% of the price also if there is a lot of goods delivered the rate will get better. You will need to ship to a country in Rest of the Europe area. Only willing to pay if delivered to the recipient and the items need to have tracking. And ofcourse I'm happy to use escrow. Payment can be done via BTC/MG/WU Contact me via PM.