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    7 марта
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  1. looking for a cc shop script with full functions ,templates and encryption without bugs .please anyone knows a verified coder or web designer who sell that shop or can build for me and do that job done.
  2. Jabber: paypalsend@exploit.im fake carousel: 337788@chatme.im More of his chat (8:26:50 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: blacklist (11:43:38 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: bro (11:43:46 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: i need canada drop (11:43:50 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: for interac (6:24:39 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: hi (6:24:48 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: bro have canada drop? (6:25:14 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: i make interac or mobile deposit now
  3. Thats not me i dont speak russian low life rip attempt
  4. Member added me claiming hes got fullz for sale and made a fake account of Carousell. member: https://darknet.so/member.php?u=33945 logs: BILLING DETAIL EMAIL PASS IP ADDRESS HEADER AGENT (8:03:59 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: no sin mmn ? (8:04:07 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: .++===[ Address & Info ]===++. Account Name : First Name : kate Last Name : bayne Address Line 1 : 242 sawmill valley dr Address Line 2 : City/Town : newmarket State : on Zip/PostCode : l3x2w1 Country : Canada Phone Number : 4167088576 SSN : - - ID Number : DOB : 19 / 8 / 1978 .++=========[ End ]=========++. (8:04:17 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ok (8:04:20 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: price ? (8:05:54 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: ----------[ CA Full Info Cards ]---------- Fresh < 2 Weeks Old ::: $45.00 (8:06:13 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: got some from quebec province? (8:09:41 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: yes (8:09:52 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: musd forum accept? (8:09:59 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: yes (8:10:16 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ok i msg you 2 hours (8:10:24 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: wait (8:10:33 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: yes? (8:10:49 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: have btc now? (8:10:56 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: 2 hours (8:15:37 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: bro (8:15:39 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: here? (8:15:48 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: yes (8:16:22 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: i write to exchanger (8:16:26 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: Carousel (8:16:34 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: for? (8:16:43 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: to load MUSD (8:16:58 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: i will load myself (8:17:02 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: why the rush? (8:17:52 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: ok (8:17:57 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: i wait you (8:18:08 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: how time? (8:18:21 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: few hours (8:18:28 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: got with employer info? (8:18:28 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: ок (8:18:58 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: https://darknet.so/member.php?u=33945 (8:19:01 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: its i (8:22:28 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: brother is more careful a fake Jabber! (8:22:34 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: carousel (8:22:54 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: you try to rip me lol? (8:24:49 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: no (8:24:51 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: bro (8:25:01 AM) paypalsend@exploit.im: i work only escrow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- fake Carousel he invinted logs: (8:15:09 AM) 337788@chatme.im has not been authenticated yet. You should authenticate this buddy. [image] (8:15:09 AM) Unverified conversation with 337788@chatme.im started. Your client is not logging this conversation. (8:15:10 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: hi (8:15:19 AM) Unverified conversation with 337788@chatme.im/Psi+ started. Your client is not logging this conversation. (8:15:21 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: hi (8:15:43 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ? (8:15:52 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: CRD (8:15:55 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: https://darknet.so/member.php?u=124 (8:16:06 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: you need deposit? (8:16:10 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: MUSD (8:17:28 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: not now in few hours (8:17:39 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: ok (8:17:47 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: write me msg (8:21:11 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: there? (8:21:20 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: ues (8:21:27 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: fake jabber (8:21:32 AM) 337788@chatme.im/Psi+: add me to jabber (8:22:34 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: added
  5. 9:23:42 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: hello (9:23:53 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: hi (9:24:10 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: yes told me to add u (9:24:15 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: what state u have for me (9:24:21 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: where you at ? (9:24:27 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: i can drive everywhere u want me (9:24:34 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: if only pcs is good (9:24:55 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ok but still need to know where you at now? (9:24:58 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: got all over the place (9:25:09 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: am in Fl , alabama (9:25:54 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: what do you swipe? (9:26:19 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: phone (9:26:25 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: maybe if good (9:26:31 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: ipad (9:26:38 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: got proof you swipe in FL? (9:26:54 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: proof (9:26:59 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: try me with few pcs (9:27:08 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: never greedy (9:27:17 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: 201? (9:27:33 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: yes (9:27:46 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: how long for results? (9:28:18 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: how many u sending (9:28:41 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: got over 500k dont worry about how many (9:28:45 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: need to know how you work (9:28:55 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: ok cool (9:29:01 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn/28012595101495804928691524: in 3hour (2:02:08 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: so? (4:03:01 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ? (5:57:12 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: you ran away lol ? (8:52:35 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: black section good luck (5/27/2017 6:23:38 AM) nonamenolimit@crypt.mn: hey (9:18:10 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ? (9:55:18 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: what the heck? (10:04:00 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: got my share?????? (10:25:45 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: you online on forum i need to post for you to reply? (11:12:24 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: yo! (11:13:21 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: tried to work something out but you dont want..BLACKLIST (11:17:10 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: https://darknet.so/showthread.php?p=111721#post111721 24h still waiting
  6. Sent him 13 dumps over 24 hrs ago and still ducking me, giving him end of day for reply and share , will post logs after NonameNoLimit https://darknet.so/member.php?u=30571
  7. 1:14:52 AM) 17code@xmpp.jp: Hi bro contact me tomorrow and will have reports up to go aong with my fullz (5:58:16 AM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ok (4:17:03 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: there? (5:11:31 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: still not there? (5:29:08 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ready here msg me asap thanks (7:53:28 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: Hi bro (7:53:30 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: Am here (7:53:44 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ok (7:53:52 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: price is 140? (7:54:07 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: I can do 140 (7:54:32 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: i need profile: Male , 750+ and quebec province if possible montreal (7:54:34 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: got any? (7:54:40 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: sec (7:55:15 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: if you dont mind me asking what info come with it total? (7:56:19 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: cc+cvv+name+address+sin+dob+report, report comes with credit score+employer+history (7:56:31 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ok great (7:58:03 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: give me min to search for quebec profiles (7:58:12 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: thanks (8:09:39 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: found but the credit score is ony 742 (8:09:42 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: this is fine? (8:09:44 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: https://s21.postimg.org/r74tenauv/QC_0127_Report.jpg (8:10:11 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: and not montreal but quebec (8:10:21 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: let me check wait (8:11:04 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: yes great (8:11:20 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: its fresh i dont have to worry my place gets a call because its flagged ? (8:11:39 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: Yes correct (8:11:45 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: alright (8:11:49 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: thats the best one you got? (8:11:58 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: sorry i ask too many request lol (8:12:25 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: I have a large database, I have to check each one by one and I cant sort by province (8:12:41 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: also dont have that many quebec, mostly Ontario, BC (8:12:51 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: Ok ill take one quebec male (8:12:55 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: how long would you need? (8:13:16 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: not long (8:13:26 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: 30 mins? (8:14:12 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: yes thats fine (8:14:21 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ok when you ready tell me (8:14:24 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ill pay (8:14:34 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: ok Ill let you know (8:14:37 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: but to be honest this one looks good (8:14:48 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: no way to find out how much he makes i guess lol? (8:15:07 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: no not from my base (8:15:20 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: oh ok (8:15:28 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: waiting than for you here (8:44:31 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: nothing good yet? (8:44:55 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: lots of 650-700 scores (8:44:58 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: give me 5 more mins (8:45:04 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ok sorry (8:45:10 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: take your time (8:55:47 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: found! (8:55:56 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: 817 montreal (8:55:56 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: great! (8:55:56 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: https://s12.postimg.org/g1ssexim5/QC_0443_Report.jpg (8:56:25 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: not to young for big credit you think? (8:56:50 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: not at all (8:56:59 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: i trust you (8:57:08 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: could be from good family (8:57:13 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: his cc its a platinum? (8:57:37 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: business (8:57:49 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: alright ill take it (8:57:54 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: last question please... (8:58:06 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: 10 000$ loan...with your experience..it would pass? (8:58:22 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: depends how you're doing it (8:58:38 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: appliance store (8:58:52 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: for store credit? (8:59:06 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: no its a bank credit approved or rejected in 30 sec (8:59:44 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: okay (8:59:58 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: so i take that one ? (8:59:59 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: well it depends if that place has been hit many times (9:00:03 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: never (9:00:11 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: okay well then thats good (9:00:20 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: thanks for your help (9:00:23 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: btc wallet? (9:00:33 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: 1aXxLHPD1HXdggcM3Uw7ch5H6c3BBsVKL (9:01:48 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: 0.05728000 btc sent to 1aXxLHPD1HXdggcM3Uw7ch5H6c3BBsVKL (9:01:52 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: used high fee (9:02:03 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: okay sec (9:02:12 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx// (9:02:33 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: Okay give email, Ill get the docs ready (9:02:43 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: dont have one (9:02:46 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: :S (9:02:59 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: sendspace? (9:03:05 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: okay (9:06:13 PM) 17code@xmpp.jp: uploading now, min (9:06:19 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: thanks (9:06:28 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: do you want me to put feedback somewhere? (9:09:38 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: ???? (9:25:16 PM) undertaker@crypt.am/.: dude you ripped me? Добавлено через 1 минуту 36 секунд https://darknet.so/member.php?u=2967 never sent me my CR
  8. Full info and or with CR. Pm me first contact escrow musd only
  9. Got my money back thank you admin
  10. Thank you admin i waiting asiana on jabber
  11. 24h and now he blocked me. 330$ ripper!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Dont try to bully yourself out of it. I dont want free stuff, i want my moneyback! Wait for the admins
  13. Dont try to bully yourself out of it. I dont want free stuff, i want my moneyback! Wait for the admins