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  1. SVA - CC Shop

    2 Posts in Since Aug 2016. Definitely fake feedback!! So what base did u choose from??
  2. SVA - CC Shop

    Originally Posted by Xarax It's very clever to use different accounts with the same nickname. Is it worth continuing speak with you? China card result is decline 62. Google this code and learn something before pour shit out from your moth. We have a high quality and a large selection of stuff. And that is all. First of all I have One account here so I don't know where the two names came from. I put 100's of CC in my cart to find One out of Base!! How does Shop not remove purchased pieces?? And CC I bought was InValid Period!! Nowhere does your shop say no refund either!!! Ripper and I have the screenshots to prove this!!
  3. SVA - CC Shop

    Xarax, Bro wtf kind of shop is this?!!! Добавлено через 24 минуты 49 секунд Finally got one CC and ofcoarse it's InValid!!! Admin Please remove these guys!!!
  4. Good Shop!! Got a New Customer here Brother lol Keep em coming!!

    Have ticket in shop please Answer
  6. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    Originally Posted by dhirubhai Good D+P he got. A++++ How many you buy for good results?
  7. Tried them out. Have Valid pcs. Vouch