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    17 мая
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  1. Originally Posted by abc Use search button. It's not support contact. If you will ignore this black. We will back RIPPER status. Tell me please, what exactly you think wrong in my post?
  2. (3:26:29 PM) если хотите закрыть блэк то оплата 1.5к$ и вопрос будет решен. Или статус крысы (9:07:28 PM) Игнор? ---- And who is this guy? Club2card forum support? We have good shop, we sell only in shop and we accept only bitcoins. No jabber sales. We use only TOR coz it secure and safety. You can always look at positive posts here or on other forums. There are no troubles with refunds and replaces. We have no reasons to spoil the reputation. Thegod have reason - blackmailing. Why "Thegod" have posts in HiddenPlatinum themes only? But he is very talkative! No proof that the transfer was in reality, just word - it was. He use PM instead bitcoins. He have no account in our shop .. and spend 5k, he have no OTR ... perhaps he want dump directly on email ... cool All it is fake.
  3. My nickname on forum: HIPserice - attention, there are no "v" symbol! My jabber -, also V symbol missed. MAC, logs posted here from: - fake account. And i think he is the same person as "TheGod". Добавлено через 12 минут 5 секунд My nick on omerta HIPserice also (without V)
  4. Не могу со своего основного аккаунта писать PM и комменты (HIPserice). Добавлено через 42 секунды Какой ник у арбитра?
  5. Доброго времени суток. Раскрывать детали общения с истцом в паблике будет не правильно. ABC - когда вы будете в jabber ?