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    7 марта
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  1. need asia no vbv bins

    I have 100% Japan non vbv bins
  2. Calvin RIPPER Username: calvin Profile link : this hungry idiot will lie that he accepts escrow. When in reality the word escrow makes him shit and pee on his skirt When u insist on escrow, he will ask you which other forum you are registered cos he wants to skip escrow, when u tell him you want to use this forum escrow ,he gets mad and will give you minus because he is mad that you didn't send his ripping ass stuff upfront He gave me a minus cos I refused to skip escrow Read logs below --------- 9/10/16 [3:40 PM] hi [3:40 PM] there? [11:07 PM] i mean which country [11:07 PM] and vbv reset or primary ---------- 9/11/16 [12:05 AM] here? [1:45 AM] Me: Don't understand your English [1:45 AM] which country of cc? [1:45 AM] Me: Read my thread, I listed the countries there [1:46 AM] Need cashier eu + vbv password [1:46 AM] eu...but what country you have? [1:47 AM] Me: Sweden [1:47 AM] Me: Switzerland [1:47 AM] vbv primary? or reset? [1:47 AM] Me: Not reset [1:47 AM] Me: With the vbv password [1:47 AM] ok [1:48 AM] it's good [1:57 AM] how we can work? [1:57 AM] Me: You can cashout? [1:58 AM] Me: And have money for escrow? [1:58 AM] yes yes [2:02 AM] so how much need add to escrow? [2:25 AM] Me: How much can u cashout [2:25 AM] Me: How fast can u cashout [2:26 AM] 1h if balance high,i can cashout min 1k euro max 2k [7:37 AM] Me: And how much can u deposit in escrow? [7:37 AM] Me: U can also cashout Canada vbv? [8:51 AM] here [8:52 AM] so? [9:16 AM] Me: And how much can u deposit in escrow? U can also cashout Canada vbv? [9:17 AM] 500$ [9:17 AM] no [9:18 AM] canada no [9:18 AM] Me: But u don't have any funds in musd [9:19 AM] it's no problem [9:20 AM] Me: When u have money for escrow, we can deal [9:20 AM] Me: Start with Sweden vbv [9:20 AM] where you also have registration? [9:20 AM] Me: Just there [9:21 AM] lol [9:22 AM] Me: Why lol?? [9:22 AM] Me: Seems you are foolishly hoping I skip escrow [9:22 AM] Me: Why asking where else I am?? Wasn't it the forum u added me from kid?? [9:23 AM] you little timewaster [9:23 AM] bb [9:23 AM] Me: No u are the broke ripping fool [9:23 AM] Me: And timewaster [9:23 AM] -1 [9:23 AM] Me: Deposit escrow [9:23 AM] Me: And I paste u [9:23 AM] Me: But as a v [9:24 AM] Me: Broke hungry ripping fool [9:24 AM] Me: Hoping to get free eu vbv from me [9:24 AM] Me: I will give u minus 1 too [9:24 AM] fuck off idiot [9:24 AM] Me: And paste logs in forum [9:24 AM] Me: So everyone sees u are a liar and ripper [9:25 AM] Me: Lying about escrow but in reality just a hungry broke ripping idiot [9:25 AM] Me: Dumb retarded imbecile [9:25 AM] Me: And hungry beggar [9:25 AM] check forum