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    25 августа
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  1. why dont you have your base set up right so i can find new updates you guys put up or can you tell me how do i no what tracks are freshly updated ????
  2. Originally Posted by Supershooter Y'all are scaring me... Think I'm gonna fuck with again. Everybody else has went to shit. Anybody try trdb??? O bro ben there done that the academy got garbage to bro !!
  3. I attempted to register but got a message saying i need to fund account with btc 1st. Not good because my bins may not even be there in the shop then I have given free btc away. NO DEAL for me
  4. Originally Posted by SPR такой же сниф как и всегда если из 60000 карт 15 штук невалидных попались это ничего не значит do you have this in english so i can read what you saying ??
  5. Originally Posted by Win1337 SPR,последняя база просто ужасна из 15 карт 2 валидных ( и то с лимитом на онлайн транзы) Удали к черту эту БАЗУ did any of your tracks work off valid cc??
  6. Originally Posted by Supershooter GET BACK TO ME 2TRACKS... BEEN WRITING YOU Добавлено через 1 час 31 минуту 1 секунду my new go to vendor. ... Great work and Good support Добавлено через 1 час 26 минут 12 секунд Lit broski... But u gotta know your bins well appreciated super-shooter bro..! guys like you thats kool as hell an tell the truth about venders im down with !! peace! & Respect !
  7. Originally Posted by Supershooter Boutta test A piece out! I'm keep it a buck with my review let me no whats with the shop bro .. golden has the same tracks as they do as well!!!
  8. Bro KeZuRa : is the Real deal guy ben with him for one year !!! and his support is kool to !! A+

    dandurand, care to shear what track was successful you used Bro
  10. hey jawngalotti let me no asap who you can find with the real deal !!!Pm me
  11. he sure do but not a lot of bins tho plus his support is ok as well Добавлено через 32 секунды hes good people !A+