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    23 ноября
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  1. e service

    PM me your contact
  2. W2 2016 sell

    Bought $250 worth from him and he delivered. He's legit +++
  3. Here's the nickname: Cetus Profile Link: I would like to resolve this case with him amicably but he stopped talking to me. He once sold me a product and it was good. The next transaction was for $395 which I paid and after then he stopped responding to me while talking on another ID and claiming he gave out the stuff I ordered. Here's jabber ID: Screenshot of chat is below:
  4. I paid Cetus $395 to get 2 eservice PTIN details (not registered on Refund Advantage) after successful completing first transaction and he didn't provide me with any details. He stopped talking to me while he still talk to my friend. Here's screen shot available for confirmation. - During payment - After payment - After payment link to profile:
  5. Hey bro, pm me your jabber ID lets chat.
  6. Продам фулки юса: - ФИО, ДОБ, ССН, адрес жительства, номер - Driver's license (Номер, дата выдачи и дата окончания) - Background report - Credit report (Trans union) - Credit scor Selling Full USA: - Full name, DOB, SSN, residence address, number - Driver's license (number, date of issue and expiry dates) - Background report - Credit report (Trans union) - Credit scor jabber:
  7. Hey bro, do you still have Wells Fargo for sale?