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    7 марта
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    Bobuk u fuckin magit looking bitchass ripper mudafucka go somewhere and crawl behin da ratcave that u belong who thr fuck is dumb enought to fall for ur ripping ways . Why dont u do us all a favor before i go and fuck ya granma in the ass and leave u fuckin fool . U really need to chilland go drink some fruit punch and evaluate yourr life because the scamin lifr is not for u . U hav no story and even if u do bobuk 90 no1 has the time of day to read it u fuckin kmart outfit wearin ass niga gtfoh and eat some dick homo .

    Oooo everybody run
  3. Nigga im da luckmaster . You can only be what you really wana be
  4. Hey this site is trash i will never use again dont even give for ice cream lol
  5. Ughhh .... not too good lately im hopin the dumps game gets better .
  6. People dont even be leavin for a fuckin 2$ soda in they shit n this kid chargin 100 u kidden me ???

    100$ a classic/standard . Did u skim them from donald trumps wallet that they are so high ?
  8. Yea bro usa bro ny nj all lat lol your stuff is great ans ok bro cool ima load up more bitcoin saturday . Great stuff !!
  9. Yooo good fuckin looks broo ode wata hell do i do now so i can safely get refunds bro because i love your site . Ita jus when i would check them bro , the ones that were absouletely no good it would jus say checked but nothin else lol.
  10. I never get my refunds bro smh . Everytime k check on the checker it alwaya says checked but no result . It does this everytime . So i dont think the checkers always offline .