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    20 августа
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  1. Hey Bro ! I see you finally got youre Add moved to the new club. Nice to see you homie. Got that parcel yestarday btw, thank you for the extra items(you know what im talking about). Gona start final assembly on monday. Добавлено через 4 минуты 22 секунды Originally Posted by Obwans Rafael u full of shit u r name is deren u want someone to send u 3k and I don't even know u Homie Rafael has been around for about 10 yrs now, wtf are you talking about ? Hes one of the oldest and most reputable skimmer vendors, if you dont know him it doesnt mean that other people dont. Iv seen his service dating back to 2010(didnt use then but thats how far back i personally remember his services) so no need to post insults, if youre not feeling safe use Escrow.The man is 100% legit vendor