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    5 октября
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  1. You ripped me 8k!?? I have chat logs, you took my deposit then ignore me?? I hope u were just busy. I see your jabber is online the whole day. Please reply me in 5 hours tell me what's going on or I open thread in ripper section and speak with admin. I was hoping to do long term business with bro, please don't disappoint me like this. Добавлено через 32 минуты 13 секунд I have these things ready to report u ripper ripped me 8k: 1- chat logs with ur jabber: short@jabber.root.cz 2- screenshot of chat logs 3- screenshot of payment I give u last 5hrs to reply me. Or u get ripped status. Maybe u don't care huh? Whatever. Добавлено через 6 минут 27 секунд Ripper Добавлено через 1 минуту 53 секунды Admin pls check this "verified vendor" short
  2. Originally Posted by ႼႮსს-ႮႲ ~ STRONG UPDATE ~ ENJOY EVERYBODY ! where is update bruh