Sia - killacc@jabber.at

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Sia; 712483281, killacc@jabber.at ripped me $22k


Username: Sia


ICQ: 712483281, 700751987

Jabber: killacc@jabber.at


Originally Posted by sia
I can cash dead fullz from Denmark/DK.


Directly cash out the bank of dead full into BTC, your share 50%.


Talking about money we can cash from 500-1000$ upto 5000-10000$ per full.


icq 712483281

Stupid hungry STARVED Riping idiot with no vision

Why rip 22k, when you can make 500k?


This faggot ripped me $22,000, ( 146,000 Danish krona), his other ripping ICQ is 700751987 and he his previous username " FRE$H" has been banned already


Originally Posted by FRE$H
Any dk CPR with email or only password i can cash out.


You get money in btc.


add in icq 700751987

add in jabber killacc@jabber.at


good day.

See both ICQ matches


Originally Posted by sia
Deposit in to my UK bank drop share 50-50.

500£ min - 40k£ max (per day)



Withdraw/Cash from instant to few hours!!


Payout: WU/MG/BTC

-icq 700751987


After cashing out , he said he was waiting for btc exchanger, 24 hours and this ripping faggot claimed btc exchanger may be asleep

Then later started reading my messages but ignoring me

When i.proddrd further he claimed he was asleep

Then blocked me


Logs below


Him: 90% rate success for logins

Me: How much time?

Him: upto 1 hour

Me: if I paste now

Him: and only certain banks can.

Him: only male.

Me: So 1h, I will get btc?

Him: yes


Then I pasted him


Him: hold

Me: Ok

Him: http://prntscr.com/fritrp

Him: holy shit

Him: worked.

Him: he got

Him: a lot of fuckin money bro

Me: So one hour right?

Him: doing now.i will buy big btc

Me: I got more where that came from

Him: good! 50% share to you.of everything.

Me: If u are trusted and a professional, we will make tons of cash



Later said he will try to cash it out later cos was in the phone bla bla


Next day


Me : So when are u gonna retry the first login?

Him: in 30 minutes

Me: ok


30 mins turned to 3 hours , no reply from this ripping cunt


Me: ?

Him: i am here now

Me: in 30 minutes

Me: Hrs Already

Me: ?

Him: yes

Him: let me contact btc guy

Him: and get his acc#

Him: to transfer to.

Me: ok


5 hours later, no reply from.this ripper


Me: Got the btc?

Him: still waiting his reply

Him: think he is a sleep or something

Him: will write to you once it is done br.

Me: You can't buy from someone else?

Him: in denmark

Him: not many will take bank payment



Next day, seems the sleeping btc exchanger never woke up


Me: So??

Me: Have you bought the btc?

Him: yes, I am.here

Me: Why do I have to call before u respond yes am.here , when clearly you have read my message before I called and didn't respond

Him: because i was fucking sleeping bro

Me: But u fucken read it!

Me: And was mute

Me: At least if u claim you were asleep how did you then read the messages before I called

Me: But didn't seem.it fit to respond after clearly the messages

Me: So you have the btc now?? And what is the site to check Denmark CPR, cos the nordea bank link U gave to me asks for CPR number


The last message didn't deliver cos, he had blocked me on icq


I added him on.another ICQ and while he was hoping I was a fresh potential ripping victim, he blocked me once he realised it was me


# Chat with: Frank White<712483281>

# Login: You

# Service: ICQ

Fri, 7 Jul 2017


You : hi

Frank White: hello

You : Stupid ripping cunt

Frank White: da fuck

You : Your other ICQ: 700751987

Frank White: ???

Frank White: you wanna block?

Frank White: bitch. bye

Me: You wanna rip right??

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sorry for writing here , but dude how the fuck u though this user without rep can by not ripper ? if u was asking him to deposit some in escrow and if he wassint agree u was happy now that u avoid scam.

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