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Aware aware aware


Admin please bann that ripper…that forum are become Nigeria market.


That https://darknet.la/member.php?u=1914. user Bandcamp41.

I gived pins for cashout. Do money and refused pay me////

Im not want any cent more from that nigger.just want be banned and all ppl see what is become that forum..

Full niggas who are able ripp for 10$ if is possible…



Admin please bann that stupid….


full rippers there admin..

please add 1000$ entry in that forum... with 2 vouch from old forums .....

free entry always is way for hungry ppl to cheat ppl who want real do bussines....


regards admin

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Yes this Bandcamp41 is a stupid cock sucker,he try to rip me to but no chance for him ...he small from far away.

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Гость Pinway

yes...i gived him 3times chance work pins...is small ripper i see.....my bad....only wat can do is to make all that rippers visible for everybody



we need clean forum ...away that bastards

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