Looking for 454190,498020,454286,489788,489789,all Japan 201

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Hey, every buddy


I am looking for all Japan 201 fresh dumps , I have one group is working in Asia now , more than 40 people.


We can cashout almost all japan 201. I am looking for partner can provide stable Japan 201 dumps everyday.


I need dumps from offline pos ,eg:Verifone, ingenico, and skimmer or shimmer .I have jstash,brains, rescator, and other dumps shop account, so i can buy dumps in shop ,please dont provide me shop dumps. And please dont gave me second hand dumps. Buddy , you need to make sure all dumps are very fresh ,first hand ,no body touch/use it before ,collect by offline pos and skimmer. There will be 40 people work for those and you, be serious and responsible.


My jabber: Wachmooo@xmpp.is


Sorry ,I dont understand Russian ,just learn in my high school, But I like the song <КАТЮША>

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Originally Posted by BankomatCC
so u saying all ur class mate's are working for you and ur teacher ?
Oh, sorry , may be I didnt express clearly , everyone have good side I can learn from.
Because I love to make friend when I travel, and I can speak Chinese, so I meet some people would like to do easy job ,they swipe and make money ,I share money with them.
Thanks for your understanding, have a nice day ,mate

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Originally Posted by hollowlife
he is being honest and asking for good stuff!
Thanks, bro, hope you can find a good way for your very best dumps. Nice mate.

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