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This guy is out here offering drop in all country pls ban him before he fuck another person over. I load his drop 3k, money was cashed and he see himself that was cashed because i send him screenshot but didnot send my share


(4:06:18 PM) MajorEnsi: I am doing just that.

(4:06:55 PM) MajorEnsi: can you check the logins and tell me what the statement is saying

(4:07:16 PM) MajorEnsi: my co signer is heading to cash them out

(4:07:41 PM) ME: how long ago has he gone to the bank?

(4:10:47 PM) MajorEnsi: she called me some 20mins ago

(4:14:47 PM) ME: Almost all the money has been cashed out

(4:15:02 PM) MajorEnsi: great

(4:15:11 PM) ME: just 159$ left in the account

(4:15:18 PM) ME: you want me to send you screenshot?

(4:15:25 PM) MajorEnsi: sure

(4:15:35 PM) MajorEnsi: send me a screenshot

(4:16:59 PM) ME: https://icq.com/files/**************...**************

(4:20:17 PM) ME: you see the screenshot?

(4:20:25 PM) MajorEnsi: i got it bro

(4:20:44 PM) MajorEnsi: I'll get your share in btc in few hours

(4:21:36 PM) ME: you know how to get btc quickly right?

(4:21:48 PM) MajorEnsi: sure

(4:21:54 PM) ME: okay

(4:22:21 PM) MajorEnsi: drop your wallet anyways

(4:22:21 PM) ME: in how many hours should i be expecting the btc?

(4:22:36 PM) ME: 16aejuKfHLV8xQgtK9iT1qRwRsj1z1E78a

(4:22:41 PM) ME: thats my btc wallet

(4:23:06 PM) MajorEnsi: I will drop you a line before i deposit btc

(4:23:51 PM) ME: okay

(9:38:24 PM) ME: bro its 5hrs

(9:38:37 PM) MajorEnsi: I know

(9:38:39 PM) ME: few hours you said

(9:38:45 PM) ME: what is it taking too long bro

(9:39:16 PM) MajorEnsi: I will get back in few hours again.

(9:39:22 PM) MajorEnsi: Don't panic

(9:39:55 PM) ME: well this is causing panic already

(9:40:04 PM) ME: pls do it quickly

(9:40:06 PM) ME: pls bro

(9:40:32 PM) MajorEnsi: no problem. I am just waiting for a confirmation to release btc

(9:40:57 PM) MajorEnsi: I don't have any reasons to delay without it being a genuine one.

(9:41:06 PM) MajorEnsi: I'll get your btc soon

(12:35:15 AM) ME: bro does it take 9hrs to get btc?

(12:35:40 AM) ME: all you have to do is walk to a bitcoin atm and buy btc

(12:35:50 AM) ME: This is taking forever man


Mak, pls check your PM for the full link of screenshot that shows money was cashed successfully.

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Гость Clutch5

stop dealing with "icq people"


LOL, he got contacts of real PR@


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Гость Pepe

i cant post here for security reason, i have send to you in PM pls check your PM

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